Wenger can return to football

Wenger can return to football

Arsenal London former manager Arsene Wenger is considering the offer of returning to big football.

The French manager, who is currently occupying the post of a technical director at FIFA, has been offered to head Rennes. But Wenger is expected at the club not as a head coach, but the president or sports director.

Not so long ago, Arsene Wenger presumed that maybe he will return to football, but it is difficult to say no to such an offer. Moreover, the other day, the former head of the club Olivier Letang was fired. The functionary lost his job despite the fact that the team is in third place in Ligue 1 and is 18 points behind PSG. Marseille was eight points ahead of the Red-and-Blacks.

French sources note that Arsene Wenger is interested in working in the proposed posts at Rennes. Here, in fact, he will be allowed to do everything that he could not cope with at Arsenal. Moreover, the club is owned by one of the wealthiest families in the world - the Pinault family. Gucci and Yves St Laurent are also in their domain.

The main quality of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal was raising the football players. He easily recognized talents and implemented them in the London Arsenal system. Sometimes there were mistakes when the Gunners refused to buy Ronaldo because of the final decision of the coach, but in most cases Wenger had good intuition, and now he has enormous experience.

Rennes have enough money to build high-quality academies and develop their players, while creating competition with the legionnaires. There is a lot of money in football right now and the Pinault family can consider investing in Rennes as a long-term investment. And if ser Alex Ferguson has already retired, then the only one who remembers how to work for a long time is Arsene Wenger. Moreover, this is a club from his home country.