Chelsea have made a deal with Ziyech

Chelsea have made a deal with Ziyech

In the summer of 2020, Hakim Ziyech will become Chelsea London player after his departure from Ajax Amsterdam.

Ziyech became the star of the previous season and helped the Amsterdamers win the cup of the Netherlands, win the championship title and advance to the Champions League semi-finals. At the African Cup of Nations together with the national team of Morocco, they dropped out in the round of 16, despite the status of one of the favorites of the tournament. But generally, the player was the leader both at the club and the national team.

From July 1, 2020, Ziyech will wear a London Chelsea T-shirt. The 26-year-old midfielder moved to Chelsea for 40 million euros and signed a five-year contract.

What does this transfer mean for Chelsea? Ziyech is a very efficient footballer and can play on almost the entire front of attack at Ajax. But this is both an advantage of the midfielder and a disadvantage. The fact is that Chelsea have a lot of competition and each of the players occupies a niche, performing the required amount of work. Judging by the position of Ziyech here and now at Chelsea, this will be the position of the winger.

Due to his versatility on the football pitch, Ziyech does not have a clearly distinguished advantage among competitors in terms of position. The Moroccan's technique is at a high level, but because of the high speed in the Premier League, this advantage does not seem extremely significant.

In fact, the 26-year-old midfielder comes to Chelsea to replace Eden Hazard, who left in the summer. They are similar in technical superiority and the number of shots per match, performed similar roles in their clubs and are used in most cases as an assistant delivering shells to forwards. For this role, Ziyech, like no one else would be better suited at Chelsea, but the lack of speed does not allow him to compete with the conditional Jadon Sancho. It is not for nothing that Ziyech is called the second Mahrez, but nevertheless the Moroccan remotely resembles the missing link of the Blues - Eden Hazard and should become one this summer.