Valverde made excuses after elimination from Roma and Liverpool

Valverde made excuses after elimination from Roma and Liverpool

Catalan Barcelona ex-manager gave an interview in which he tried to make excuses for himself after eliminations from the Champions League.

During the incomplete three years that Ernesto Valverde coached Barcelona, he twice suffered comebacks in the playoffs of the Champions League from Roma and Liverpool in the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively. Nevertheless, the manager found an excuse for such an outcome of events,

“For me those are different. We did not finish what we started in Rome and I always thought that we could have fixed the situation. And in Liverpool, when we had only started the match, they scored us a goal we wanted to avoid. And then they scored twice in one minute.

These situations always happen. The Europa League, the World Cup… The outcome of all these tournaments depends on one match, on a certain situation. The championship is vice versa points out what you have done in a year.”

It is logical that with these words the Spaniard only lift his results with Barcelona. He tried to prove that two victories in the league are appreciated more on a distance rather than situational victories in the cups, where one episode can decide everything.

At the same time, Valverde drove himself into a trap. Indeed, in the work of a coach, it is important to play a good game at a distance, as well as the ability to react reactively to changes during the game. As you can see, there is still something common in the defeats from Liverpool and Roma. This is that Valverde does not know how to break the course of the encounter and make adjustments in the match itself in order to be the winner.

Valverde is good at disassembling opponents, he was good at Athletic Bilbao, but the coach is completely unable to adapt. He is extremely conservative and because of this he could not make a qualitative leap with Barcelona, when he needed only to keep the advantage obtained at home. Therefore, when asked if he wants to work in the Premier League, Valverde replied that he prefers Australia more. Why challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone if you yourself do not consider yourself a top coach.