Pochettino wants to return to EPL

Pochettino wants to return to EPL

Tottenham London’s former manager Mauricio Pochettino is not hiding his desire to return to the English Premier League.

The Argentine specialist was fired last Autumn because of unsatisfactory results. According to the information of the club insiders, in his last months Pochettino tried to improve the players’ physique with big loads in training sessions. He also reduced the number of days off for footballers, which led to demarches both on the pitch and in the locker-room.

But as a manager, Pochettino showed himself from a better side at Tottenham. Despite the fact that there have been no trophies in the Argentine’s career by far, he built a team, which advanced to the Champions League final and for several years in a row stably was a part of the Premier League top four clubs.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there will be a demand for the manager’s services in the Premier League. He knows how to play in England, can offer a long -term concept of development of a team and set a quality in defense with striking counter-attacks. Whereas the specialist himself is interested in once again leading the club from the Albion,

“To be honest, I would gladly work in the Premier League. It will be difficult, I know. The time has come to wait. We will see, what will happen.

It is a time of recovery to think a little about yourself and be ready, because something can always happen in football. I am ready and waiting for a new test. I have confidence that the next challenge will be fantastic. If we [with my family] move to Europe, we will miss England,” Pochettino said.

Pochettino waited on offers from Real Madrid for a long time, right now he is of interest to Bayern Munich and only Manchester United and Manchester City may express interest in his persona in England, if the latter do not win the Champions League this season and decide to say goodbye to Pep Guardiola.

The main thing for Pochettino is the support from the management and necessary transfers, which the manager did not have for a long time at Tottenham. Therefore, giving opportunities and control over the team, the clubs can get a good manager, who knows what he wants to see from footballers. This is what Man United are lacking right now. At the same time, Pochettino is not too good in communication with star players and it is impossible for now to judge his success in a conditional Manchester United for objective reasons.