Timo Werner: Proud that I am being connected to Liverpool

Timo Werner: Proud that I am being connected to Liverpool

German RB Leipzig forward Timo Werner is proud to be of interest to English Liverpool.

Changes are gradually coming to Liverpool. In spite of the fact that the Reds are leading in the league with a huge handicap and their championship title is a matter of time. As it was said many times before in previous materials, Salah doesn’t provide security in attack and often loses the ball when dribbling, having a bad percentage of efficient moments.

Mane is quite hotheaded and Firmino is a player that has no alternative in Jurgen Klopp’s team. The German manager has faced a problem that he has to choose the tournament, the team will put more effort to, if it wants to win it. Last season, the Merseysiders were a few points short to overtake Manchester City in the league, but the took the Champions League. This time the bet is on the Premier League and the Reds are very good.

To overcome this focus, Klopp needs the bench length, which means strengthening. Shaqiri did not manage to become Salah’s replacement and is now being treated in the infirmary. Origi hardly substitutes Mane and Firmino has become an important part to support pressing and to begin attacks from the deep, with which only few can cope considering his amount of work. For these purposes Japanese Minamino has been purchased.

Liverpool claim scaling and victories on all fronts. Therefore, the club has been following Jadon Sancho and Timo Werner lately. It will not be difficult to obtain these players for Klopp, considering the football the Reds play and how many trophies they won for the past year. Besides, Werner doesn’t mind joining Jurgen, of which he unequivocally claimed in an interview,

“Liverpool are the best team in the world at the moment. I am very proud that I am being connected to a transfer to such a club,” Werner said.

The Reds lost the Champions League round of 16 away match to Atletico Madrid 1:0, but haven’t lost their chances to advance to quarter-finals. Remembering Liverpool last season’s achievements in the matches with Barcelona, they cannot be disregarded until the last minute. Therefore, the Reds, knowing about the inevitable victory in the Premier League, can put all their effort on confirmation of the title of the best in Europe. Now they have the opportunity for that.