Guardiola is burning bridges with Barcelona

Guardiola is burning bridges with Barcelona

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola criticized Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu’s words on the Citizens’ address.

This week, the Catalan club official turned to UEFA with gratitude that the organization is consistent in its decisions. Bartomeu said that UEFA strictly follows the principles of financial fair play and the club is ready to support the structure in all endeavors for the benefit of football.

These words threw the former coach of Barcelona Pep Guardiola into confusion. Not so long ago, they began to woo him back to Camp Nou after UEFA issued a verdict on Manchester City, removing the club two years from the Champions League. However, Guardiola defended the Citizens, which confused the football world, which was waiting for the Spaniard to return to his homeland,

“If Barcelona are happy for our suspension, I would tell the president - let us appeal the decision. We believe that we are right, we are going to appeal. I advise Barcelona not to speak too loudly - everyone sometimes finds themselves in different situations.

We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future we will be able to play in the Champions League against Barcelona,” said Guardiola.

The situation around the persona of the manager is heating up. Apparently, the club will no longer consider it as a replacement for Setien and will abandon attempts to return the coach to Camp Nou. Otherwise, the club risks spoiling its image.

In a sense, this story is reminiscent of the moment with the return of Neymar to Barcelona. Then the Brazilian put forward the requirements of a public apology and refusal to pay compensation. After these events, Guardiola may also be the persona non grata in Catalonia. At least it can last until the end of Josep Bartomeu’s tenure as president of the club so as not to spoil the image of Barcelona in the international arena.

The presidential elections in the Spanish giant will take place already in 2021 and the main rival of Bartomeu is progressively minded Victor Font. The founder of Delta Partners criticizes the current chapter and offers the Yes to the Future program, which sets out Barcelona development plan until 2030. At the same time, Font is openly supports by the legend of Barcelona, Xavi, who in the near future should lead Barcelona.