Italy canceled matches due to coronavirus

Italy canceled matches due to coronavirus

The disease that broke out in China, migrated to Europe and has already affected football in Italy.

In December last year, an epidemic broke out. The epicenter of infection was the meat market in Wuhan. However, the disease, which took more than two thousand lives, gradually migrated to Europe.

France became the first Old World country to encounter a new ailment, but the weekend confirmed rumors about coronavirus infection in Italy. Because of this, the Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of the country Vincenzo Spadafora initiated a ban on sporting events.

On Sunday, matches of the 25th round of Serie A were postponed. Lombardy and Veneto were included in the list of dangerous regions. In each of the cities, one elderly person died, and the number of infected people in the regions amounts to dozens. Isolated cases have also been found in Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. As a precaution, this led to postponement of matches Verona - Cagliari, Torino - Parma, Inter - Sampdoria, as well as Atalanta - Sassuolo.

The wife of Atalanta Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malynovskyi,Roksana, shared her opinion on the decision of the government,

“In our region, Lombardy, the largest number of people infected with coronavirus has been recorded.

Today, on February 23rd ,all sporting events were canceled, as well as various other events. The authorities advise to stay at home, not to visit crowded places: supermarkets, cafes and so on.

Our game has also been canceled today. Ruslan will come home after training. What will happen next is unknown. He will tell you later what their schedule for this week will be. We will avoid crowded places and hope that it will all be over soon,” said Roksana Malynovskaya.

This is the first case of the influence of coronavirus in Europe on public life and leisure. Given the rapid spread of the disease around the world, I want to believe that soon the situation will be resolved, but so far there are few prerequisites for this.

Football, as a game with a multimillion-dollar audience, must correctly convey the main messages to the masses. Football players should use their million audience on social networks for the benefit and talk about precautions in a pandemic. Only by gathering all the forces will it be possible to confront the pandemic and enjoy the game again.