Atletico offer to cancel transfer window

Atletico offer to cancel transfer window

Atletico Madrid director Andrea Berta cancel to abandon the pre-season transfer window because of the Coronavirus.

The Mattressers’ sports director reckons that with the cancellation of the pre-season transfer window it will be possible to save time to conduct matches and the clubs will be fully concentrated on solving problems because of the happened crisis,

“I think that the pre-season transfer window can be canceled, as it may cross with the ending of the league seasons. All the clubs will remain with the same squads by Janaury, when the window will once again be opened.

The clubs could figure out the consequences of the Coronavirus and would figure out the point of their investments. But at first we need to understand, when the season renewal will be possible and safe.”

Such an offer looks quite logical as the clubs will have more time to solve present problems. But at the same time it is not clear, how will the contracts of the footballers, who had to become free agents, will act.

Not so long ago, we talked about the fact that Juventus used the option of automatically extending the players' contracts for the season. However, this item is not present in all football players and it is necessary to deal with all players individually. It is clear that many clubs that need reinforcement will be against this decision, given their ambitions.

Most likely, Catalan Barcelona will go to the opposition of Atletico, which needs an attacker to replace Suarez and a winger to replace Coutinho. In England, Manchester United will be clear opponents of the proposal, giving excellent results in the spring and dreaming of imposing a fight between Manchester City and Liverpool next season. A similar situation is with Chelsea, who have already signed an agreement with Ziyech, but they need to look for a new goalkeeper, as well as cement the defense line.

Therefore, the idea of the sports director of the Indians looks extremely utopian. Many clubs will refuse such an offer. Football players' agents will also start screaming, putting forward their demands, losing the opportunity for enrichment. The only possible outcome could be permission to negotiate between clubs with the start of the new season and then a large-scale transfer window in winter. But in this case, the clubs will lose six months to adapt the newcomers and to the full extent they will be able to play only in the 2021/22 season.