Real will not cut salary, like Barcelona

Real will not cut salary, like Barcelona

Real Madrid has no intention going Barcelona’s path in the issue of salary cuts of their footballers.

Catalan Barcelona to avoid crisis went on a temporary salary reduction by 70% for the players of male and female teams, as well as reserves, basketball, handball and futsal sides. The measures were implemented to avoid global financial crisis in terms of the Spanish quarantine, which will last at least until 11 April.

This split the players into three camps, where the former consider the club bosses guilty of irrational transfers. The second part agreed to these conditions, since they have weight in the locker room and according to local journalists, they include Lionel Messi. The third group is waiting for the decision of the union of Spanish football players who are discussing the timing of the resumption of the season.

At the same time, another Spanish giant Real Madrid are not going to lower the salaries of football players on such a serious scale. The only way Los Blancos can cut the budget is to cut the salary of players by a maximum of 10 percent. While the bosses of the club decided not to chop off their shoulders and conduct a full analysis of the economic situation, then to draw the appropriate conclusions.

This decision of Barcelona may be due to the difficult economic situation inside the club. Due to large salaries and expensive transfers in the person of Antoine Griezmann with Frenkie de Jong, which in total cost the Catalans about 200 million euros, Barcelona had to tighten their belts. Because of that is the absence of Lautaro Martinez winter transfer or another striker to replace Suarez. And the stop of the season and the lack of investment from the club's partners will hit Blaugranas economy in the medium term.

Therefore, the course of Barcelona is clear. This is a dangerous undertaking since football players can really go into the opposition and leave the team by making a demarche. Real have more demanding shots that can take this situation worse, so Los BLancos are trying not to make a fire in the upcoming presidential club elections. For Perez, this can be a big blow to his reputation.