Hargreaves doesn’t understand Sane’s desire to leave for Bayern

Hargreaves doesn’t understand Sane’s desire to leave for Bayern

Bayern Munich and Manchester City former footballer  Owen Hargreaves told about his vision of Leroy Sane’s transfer to Bayern Munich.

In his time, Hargreaves managed to play for Bayern for seven years and after that he moved to Manchester United and finished his career with the Citizens in 2012. The halfback could not be called an irreplaceable figure in the clubs, but he performed a huge amount of work on the pitch at Bayern.

Given that the player knows both clubs from the inside, he shared his opinion regarding possible move of the winger to Bayern,

“Bayern are a big temptation for any German player. If Sane wants to return home and play for the biggest German side, then I can understand that.

However, let’s be honest, he will not be better off there in terms of football than at Manchester City. Leaving Manchester City and saying goodbye to Guardiola’s football is a difficult decision”, Hargreaves said.

The former player also told that he made an interview with Leroy once and he was stunned by the amount of work performed with Pep Guardiola. Therefore, the move to Dieter Flick’s Bayern can be a dangerous decision as no one knows the potential of the German winger better than Pep.

Bayern already know how to play well in the wings without Sane, having Gnabry, Coman, Muller and Perisic. Besides, Coutinho and Tolisso are also present in the squad, therefore, it is not clear whether Sane will have a place there after almost a year-long injury. It would be much better for him to stay at Manchester City right now and regain his former shape. In case of an unsuccessful return to football, Leroy will have time to leave in the winter to Bayern, or get rid of this idea for good.