Klopp told about preparation for season

Klopp told about preparation for season

In an interview to the Guardian, Jurgen Klopp told about how his players are approaching the resumption of the Premier League season and shared his opinion regarding games with empty stands.

Klopp’s Liverpool were at the top, significantly ahead of Manchester City by 25 points before the suspension of the league because of the pandemic. It is more than obvious that the Reds are going towards their first Premier League title in 30 years, but the coronavirus decided to get on the nerves of fans and footballers.

It’s not surprising that Jurgen Klopp’s rhetoric is pointed on the season continuation much like German Bundesliga, which came back on 16 May and is not experiencing  great difficulties. Therefore, when answering the question regarding the state of his players, the German answered affirmatively,

“Other teams are in the same position. Whenever the season starts, we will have the same amount of time to prepare and our task as always is to take advantage of the situation, in which we are right now. We will be in a maximally good shape and we will have to proceed on that.”

The manager also claims that the fans absence at the stadiums is an adequate measure, which we have to put up with, as previously football existed without such a huge amount of fans and it is not the most important thing in this kind of sport. In this moment, the manager is clearly disingenuous, considering the fans’ influence Liverpool have during home matches at Anfield stadium.

Nevertheless, the English football has to return like the German did. Another thing is that there were less protesters against that in Germany. Only Koln fans can be noted for putting up posters with sarcastic inscriptions. There will be a lot more opposers of football’s return in England as this affects the interest of the teams from the bottom half of the table. By continuing the season, they are risking to be relegated from the division; therefore, there are constant informational tricks. However the situation develops in the future, there is no single true decision on the situation and one has to face that. But the team already train in small groups of ten people and that means that soon we will confrontations of another European top league.