Newcastle manager is happy with arrival of new owners

Newcastle manager is happy with arrival of new owners

Newcastle head coach Steve Bruce regarding possible owners of the club.

Despite the fact that a part of money for Newcastle has already been transferred to accounts of former manager Mike Ashley, so hated by fans, the club still doesn’t belong to new owners. This news created too big of a resonance in the media and the purchase had to be suspended, considering the surfaced facts of the human rights violations in the country of the prince Saudi Arabia as well as piracy broadcasting of the Premier League matches in the country, for which the league doesn’t receive money.

However, team manager Steve Bruce is optimistic with such a development and hopes to be a part of the new project of the Arab sheikhs,

“We all want to be like Pep of Jurgen… These amazing managers were a breath of fresh air in football. Jurgen Klopp came to England and we can only applaud his tactics and how Liverpool play.

It is good for Newcastle and the club wants to compete with these teams, it would be great to be a part of that. I would like to see that and I would want to be a part of that. I hope it will be like that. I will roll up my sleeves, I will try to bring results and move the club forward. If this happens to Newcastle, then that's great. I will be delighted,” said Bruce.

Although the manager is in the clouds, hoping for tremendous opportunities, he is unlikely to stay at the club for long. In the Premier League, he did not manage to put anything but a banal British power football with long balls. We can say that the head of the club did not invest quite a lot in the team, which prevented the coach’s capabilities, and the players did not meet his expectations. But it’s stupid to think so, because the game’s picture can be traced even in amateur leagues, where the coach has no opportunities at all.

Therefore, the sheikhs, having invested in the club, will first of all look for a specialist who has established himself as a person who can build a team. One of those may be Mauricio Pochettino, who managed with the minimum assistance of Daniel Levy to get Tottenham to the Champions League final. Therefore, if the deal does take place, it’s time for Bruce to pack his suitcases to exit and hope that some middle peasant or an outsider of the Premier League will be interested in his services.