Allegri is getting ready for return

Allegri is getting ready for return

Manager Massimiliano Allegri is getting ready for a return after a one-year break in work.

Last spring the Italian ended his five-year managerial term at Juventus Turin, having won five Scudettos in a row with the club. There are also four Coppa Italia victories and two Super Cup triumphs. Together with Juventus, Allegri played twice in the Champions League final, but lost to Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Over the year, there were many rumors about what the coach’s future path would be. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the ex-coach of Milan and Juventus wants to stay in Italy, but so far it is not clear who he can lead. Inter are led by Antonio Conte, there is constant rebuild at Milan, Atalanta have Gasperini and only Napoli although little, but corresponds to the coach’s ambitions, despite the fact that Gennaro Gattuso is there.

Given the merits of Allegri, sticking to a club in Italy would be foolish for him. Yes, he has champion experience at Milan and Juventus, but the coach needs to develop further, because so far there is good demand for his services. In particular, Manchester United and PSG are interested in the manager. In the camp of the Red Devils, the Italian will have a very difficult time, given the language barrier and the way the team is playing at the moment. In such a competitive environment as the Premier League, Manchester United will have to sit for several seasons without a title and it is unclear whether Allegri will be given as much time as Liverpool gave Jurgen Klopp.

As for PSG, this option is more attractive, because for the championship it is enough for him just not to ruin everything. Thomas Tuchel at the moment is not bad at managing the team. Thanks to the German tactical flexibility, the Parisians passed Dortmund Borussia in the playoffs of the Champions League and can seriously claim the cup.

Out of possible career options for the coach, Newcastle can be singled out. The Magpies will 90% go to the use of the Arab sheikh, so the new team manager will have an unlimited budget and a margin of trust. The last point is clear due to the fact that the middle peasant of the Premier League in any case will not be able to lead to titles in one or two seasons. This is the big difference between Manchester United and Newcastle. In the latter case, they will trust him longer, because the club and fans are accustomed to mediocre results, and Allegri himself at this time will receive a favorable contract for his services.