Mourinho expects restart of season

Mourinho expects restart of season

Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports how important is the restart of the Premier League season for him.

After Mourinho’s arrival to the club, Tottenham really showed decent results initially. But later, the injuries of Harry Kane with Son Heung-min, departure of Christian Eriksen as well as Lucas Leiva and Dele Alli’s decline took their toll. Danny Rose stopped trying hard on the pitch and because of that he went on loan to Newcastle. All in all, the team also did not understand the Portuguese’s requirements with Vertonghen’s retraining into a lateral defender. Because of that, Tottenham ended up eighth with the gap of seven points from the Champions League zone before the break.

Harry Kane recovered during the quarantine and Son served his term in the army and the team has already trained with Mourinho individually, but now works in big groups,

“The footballers in Germany are already giving the world what they love, and we don’t, and we want to play. But of course we respect the government decisions and trust them, as well as the Premier League. We only have to wait for a decision. We are waiting for the moment, when they will tell us that we can play.

Obviously, the return to trainings is an incredible feeling for everyone. I think we even missed the smell of the lawn,” Mourinho said.

Despite such a romantic speech from the Special One, one must look at the root of the question. When the voting to resume trainings and finish the season was held, the Premier League clubs split into three camps. One part was for the continuation of the season (clubs from the upper part of the table), the second part was against it (clubs to be relegated) and Tottenham represented the third part.

The London club management clearly understood the picture that was and therefore was not in a hurry to make a decision. In case of the season cancellation, the Spurs would insist that places in the European cups counted according to results of the previous season. But at the same time the club understood that with the cancellation they will not receive a huge amount of money from TV broadcasters. Therefore, Daniel Levy had to seriously reconsider.

Mourinho’s words can be both believed and not believed. But counting them at face value is clearly not worth it. The manager is trying to seem good in the eyes of the fans; therefore he is having such a romantic rhetoric. Although actually he would also want to leave the resumption overboard and not worry about a place in the Champions League.