Sarri smooths out conflict with Ronaldo

Sarri smooths out conflict with Ronaldo

Turinian Juventus head coach Maurizio Sarri continues to smooth out the conflict with Ronaldo in the media.

As it became known according to the Italian media, Maurizio Sarri asked club star Cristiano Ronaldo to play on center forward position before Coppa Italia final match Juventus – Napoli. This caused resentment in the Portuguese goalscorer, which turned into a fight between the team leader and the manager.

Juventus lost the cup in the penalty series, which allowed media to fuel the conflict in full scale and attribute the failure of the Zebras to the bad situation inside the team. Similar has already been noticed in Sarri’s work at London’s Chelsea. The final match of the English League Cup between the Pensioners and Manchester City did not fade away from memory, when Kepa did not want to leave for a substitution before the penalty shootout.

That time, Sarri also tried to smooth out the conflict before the press as much as possible, so he did this time,

“We talked before the Coppa Italia matches with Milan and Napoli, as we did yesterday. He scored 700 goals, playing slightly wider. It is his preference, which is quite normal. I called up three guys and talked to them about what should we do in the final. Having analyzed everything, we decided to try and play with Dybala in the center.

Yesterday, I talked to Ronaldo a lot. I think that tomorrow already or a week from now maximum, he will once again become the fantastic player, we have gotten used to. It’s just that he is not in the best physical shape right now,” Sarri stated in an interview to Sky Sport Italia.

Sarri indirectly confirmed media speculations about the conflict, but that cannot be called a fight of the manager with the player. Other footballers became witnesses of what had happened and because of that the manager status in the team is decreasing significantly. Considering this fact and that Juventus lost the cup and are risking not to become champions for the first time in eight years, Napoli ex-manager can be dismissed from his post.

Massimiliano Allegri’s silhouette can be seen in the background, who did not manage to find a new place of work for the past year and can easily return to Turin. He is the one who booked the hegemon status after the Old Signora and brought the team to the Champions League final twice. Therefore, it is quite possible that the team will start a new season with the new old manager, which seems absolutely logical, despite the apparent stagnation.