Neymar wants to make history

Neymar wants to make history

French PSG winger Neymar told that he intends to win the Champions League for the club.

In 2017, PSG bought Neymar for unbelievable 220 million euros, which the club and the footballer conducted by not the most transparent scheme. The main goal of the transfer was a victory in the Champions League, the tournament that still has not been conquered by the team from the capital of France.

In two complete seasons, the highest achievement of the Parisians was the Champions League quarter-final and the Cup Winners Cup victory in 1996. But in Neymar’s opinion, PSG have all the chances to achieve triumph this quite difficult for football season,

“I am ready and glad to return to the pitch. Of course, I think a lot about the Champions League. We had a strong group, but we advanced to play-offs, having played with required dedication.

I miss the heat of the game. Can’t wait to return to the pitch. I can barely endure and if such is God’s will, I want to make history,” the Brazilian said.

But in spite of the team’s motivation, PSG have a lot of constraints at the moment. This includes the fact that the team has already ended the season in the domestic championship, according to the decision of the French government in April. It means that there will be no gaming practice for Thomas Tuchel’s men until August, when the ending of the Champions League will take place.

The only thing that can help them is that out of top leagues, Bundesliga will be the first one to end the season and the French clubs will be able to play friendly matches with German teams. But permissions from football authorities are required, since the borders of the countries are still closed.

Also, the fact that Layvin Kurzawa, Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva intend to leave the club will obviously reflect on the team. This season can become a swan song for the players, but it’s not yet clear, when exactly will they leave and whether they will wait until the end of the Champions League or will they act like Chelsea and Leipzig, where Werner will go to London after the end of the German championship and will not help the Bulls in the UCL quarter-final.

Therefore, there are more questions than answers regarding PSG’s ambitions on a victory in the Champions League this season. The Parisians will lack gaming practice to compete with opponents equally and the tension in the locker-room alongside insufficient physical fitness can throw a couple of surprises for Thomas Tuchel.