Hakimi to strengthen Inter

Hakimi to strengthen Inter

Real Madrid’s Moroccan right defender is going to move to Italy.

In the summer of 2018, Ashraf Hakimi, who went through school of Real Madrid, went to gain experience at Borussia Dortmund for two years. He adapted well at the Black-and-Yellows camp and became an irreplaceable link in the game at the right wing. Thanks to his speed, Hakimi managed to join attacks and work in defense, performing lateral functions during last season.

Thanks to that, in 32 matches of Bundesliga Hakimi gained himself statistics of five goals and ten assists, which many playmakers can be envy of. Therefore, it is not surprising that Borussia wanted to keep the player, but did not manage to reach an agreement with Real. That is why Inter Milan are ready to take Ashraf for themselves, paying for him 40 million euros. According to the information of Sky Sport Italia, the sides are close to reaching an agreement and the footballer himself has agreed on a transfer to Italy, where he will preliminarily sign a five-year contract with a salary of five million euros per season.

Considering the situation, it is not completely clear, why Real Madrid want to part ways with the player so easily, who has already showed himself on a high level. Yes, Hakimi has no place at Los Blancos’ camp, because they play four defenders from behind and they don’t need a lateral. At the same time, he fits Inter perfectly. However, 40 million euros is a fairly small amount that Borussia Dortmund could pay.

This can only say that Borussia do not want to spend money during the financial crisis and Real Madrid trusts Zinedine Zidane too much and is ready to listen to him in the long run. Hakimi is more focused on attack than on defense and often sags. He cannot do such an enormous amount of work front and rear as Trent Alexander-Arnold from Liverpool, and Real are not going to move away from their formation of the game, which allows them lead La Liga standings right now.