Rivaldo is not happy with Barcelona

Rivaldo is not happy with Barcelona

Former Catalan Barcelona player expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s current playing style.

Catalan Barcelona returned to big football with great difficulty after quarantine. In four matches Blaugranas beat Mallorca (0:4), Leganes (2:0) and Athletic (1:0), but did score againt Sevilla (0: 0), had a draw with Celta (2: 2), letting Real Madrid advance to the first place.

It would seem that the situation is not stalemate, because any team can not win forever, especially with such coaching castling during the season. And the opponent was not easy, because Sevilla are seriously fighting for a place in the Champions League. However, in comparison with Real Madrid, which have returned more stably, the Catalans really have something to improve. Rivaldo, the former star of the team in the 2000s, drew attention to this,

“Obviously, Barcelona should play better. Setien's task is to find a way to do something new. He must understand how to take advantage of the skill of the players that he has.

Of course, the last matches made everyone doubt the progress, because we are used to seeing another Barcelona,” Rivaldo said.

In my opinion, Rivaldo drew attention to the fact that the current Barcelona do not show the breadth of the attack. The team mainly plays through the center, collecting the maximum number of players near the penalty area. Because of this, all hope falls on Lionel Messi, who should see the race or wind up as many defenders as possible.

At the same time, the ball does not linger on the wings, even with the aim of pulling a pair of opponents and moving the round to the opposite side of the field. One can only recall how Barcelona played under Louis Enrique, when Neymar and Messi created the width, and Suarez pulled the defenders to himself. Now it’s clear that Messi has taken his years, and Neymar has not been around for a long time, and Coutinho did not become his replacement. Like Griezmann, although he should not play on the wing initially.

Because of this, Setien has no choice but to play through the center, forgetting about his own plan, which he successfully applied at Betis. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that it is difficult to argue with the idol in the locker room, because Messi remains the leader and often it is he who decides the issues. Therefore, expecting something new from Setien at Barcelona, as Rivaldo is talking about, is reckless.