Barcelona intend to sack Setien

Barcelona intend to sack Setien

Catalan Barcelona intend to fire Quique Setien at the end of the current season.

This information was announced by, explaining that the coach does not have chemistry with the team, which destructively affects the team’s game. Moreover, representatives of the board of directors are dissatisfied with the work of Quique Setien as a coach, and they do not like his statements at press conferences.

In this regard, the idea of dismissing the coach is already firmly entrenched in the head of the Barcelona management. It is said that Setien can spend at Camp Nou not 2.5 years, as originally planned under his contract, but only six months. Some players do not understand the requirements, and even more players do not like the behavior of the manager when he talks about the shortcomings of specific players. At the same time, the coach was supported by former club president Sandro Rosell,

“It seems to me that this is not true. As far as I know, this is not so. Why write about it if it's a lie? Why do some Catalan media write about this if this is unconfirmed information? We Catalans are harming ourselves. We shoot ourselves in the foot.

If someone from the club today says that this is not true, then still no one will believe. Sometimes the worst thing for a Catalan is another Catalan. We feed the enemy,” said Rosell.

Barcelona dropped to the second place of the championship and the results of the team, like the game, are generally not impressive. Setien did not cope with the problem of position for Antoine Griezmann, could not keep Arthur, so it is clear that he has no important role at Barcelona. At the same time, to replace Setien, Barcelona are considering coach of Barcelona B García Pimienta or Xavi.

It would be foolish to dismiss Setien and appoint Pimienta, as usually in such situations reserves coaches are a short-term substitute. Therefore, it is likely that we are talking about a gradual return of Xavi to Camp Nou. If this is true, then the club management will lower the legend in the eyes of the fans, not giving a full chance for Setien in the form of a full season.