Manchester City see Grealish as replacement for Sane

Manchester City see Grealish as replacement for Sane

Manchester City are looking for Leroy Sane’s replacement, who should leave the team soon. It can be Jack Grealish from Aston Villa.

The fact that Leroy Sane intends to leave Manchester City is no longer news. The winger could go to Munich last year, but the injury in the English Super Cup against Liverpool, which took the footballer out for six months, was to blame. Now the German has recovered and the rumors regarding his departure with him. Even players with Pep Guardiola confirm the possibility of the transfer.

Considering that, it is logical to raise a question, who will be his replacement? First of all, the Citizens counted on exchanging Sane for Alaba with a possible surcharge. It’s not easy for the club with the Austrian, as his contract will expire soon and Bayern want to keep him, but have no intention more than 20 million euros a year.

At the same time, Manchester City lack a quality left defender as Mendy and Zinchenko do not meet Guardiola’s expectations. Alaba has spent most of his career on the left wing and can become panacea for the Citizens. But the exchange is unlikely to happen; therefore it is extremely premature to talk about it.

But one can definitely talk about who can replace Sane on the winger position. Manchester City need the footballer, capable of strengthening the team’s play from the bench and achieve required result. It was hard for the team with Sane’s absence and partially this became a reason of gutless giving u the championship this season. One of the candidates for the place is Jack Grealish.

Grealish showed himself great for the past two seasons and did not get lost in the Premier League, as many predicted. The winger scored seven goals and made six assists in the squad of the outsiders, having spent 30 matches. However, his bad attitude should be taken into account. We all know stories, how he violated the quarantine, got drunk and crashed a car. Personally, it is hard for me to imagine that such a player will perform under Pep Guardiola’s management. But from mastery point  of view, he is undoubtedly very promising, but it is still early for him to go to City.