Valencia continue suffering from management

Valencia continue suffering from management

Conflicts continue between Valencia president Peter Lim and the team head coaches.

Peter Lim is a billionaire from Singapore, who entered the management of Valencia in 2017. Over this time, the Bats won only the Spanish cup last season and participated in the Champions League. But having gained confidence, Lim started changing the club structure in his own manner.

The dismissal of Marcelino Toral last autumn had numerous scandals when two weeks after the start of the new season, the manager was sacked. The team looked well under Marcelino and even won the Spanish Cup, but Lim’s scandal with the manager and sports director Mateo Alemany put an end to trusting relationship of the managers, players and the president. Most players kept silence, but the fans were against the management’s decision and there were even threats towards Lim.

Now the story is repeating itself. After Marcelino, Albert Celades came to the team, with whom the team has spent 41 matches, out of which it won 16, had a draw in 11 games and lost 14 encounters. Moreover, the Bats won only two out of 13 last games, which can be justified by the absence of the bench and an intensive play of the team from the city of the same name. But the management could not care less that the manager did not conduct a full-fledged training camp with the team and then the quarantine intruded.

Right now Valencia are in the middle of La Liga tournament table and are risking to end up overboard of the European cups. The team has been taken by 56-year old Voro Gonzales, who has previously taken the team after dismissals of head coaches. According to rumors, the team wants to see Ernesto Valverde as the manager, who is free right now after the dismissal from Barcelona.

Looking at the circumstances, which are happening in the club, no one can help Valencia, as a manager is not given a freedom of action. Valverde in theory can improve the team’s state in the championship, but he is not capable of changing during the course of a match, which Marcelino could. By the way, he is the one who outplayed Valverde in the Spanish Cup final, bringing the title to the Bats for the first time in many years. But as it was said before, the manager will not change the gloomy weather hanging over Mestalla.