Jurgen Klopp: We don’t need record, but three points

Jurgen Klopp: We don’t need record, but three points

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about the ambitions of his team for this season.

The Scousers faster than everybody else in history won the league title seven rounds before the end of the tournament. The team dropped out of all cup competitions, including the Champions League, where they got a painful blow from Atletico Madrid at Anfield.

Manchester City’s defeat from Chelsea has already put an end to the championship race having signalized the triumph of the Reds for the first time in the last 30 years. Nevertheless, Liverpool still have chances to be a part of history in spite of the fact that even the intent to win the Premier League Golden Trophy sunk into oblivion. After the championship, the Reds did not manage to approach the match with the Citizens to the full extent and lost 4:0 at Etihad, but then confidently outplayed Aston Villa and have 89 points in the asset, five rounds before the end of the championship.

This way, if Klopp’s men manage to win the remaining matches, they will gain 104 points and will break Manchester City record of 100 points per season. However, this is not a primary task for Jurgen Klopp,

“I can only say one thing: there is not a single chance of breaking a record, if you constantly think about it. We don’t need the record, we need three points. We don’t think about that stuff. Gaining three points – it is quite a difficult task by itself,” Klopp said.

It will be interesting to watch the Reds in this situation despite the fact that they have completed their task. The question is whether Jurgen be able to motivate his players for the record, when the championship title is already in their pocket. Yes, Liverpool can achieve victories by inertia as ity was in the matches with Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, where everything was decided by individual skills of the footballers alongside involvement of the players in the process.

But next the Reds will have matches with Arsenal and Chelsea and that is where it will be seen, how Klopp can motivate footballers, who won everything. It is in that moments the championship character is forged, which will allow the players not to stop on what they have achieved.