Hansi Flick is new Jupp Heynckes?

Hansi Flick is new Jupp Heynckes?

Bayern Munich management speaks extremely positively about Hansi Flick’s work.

After the arrival of Hansi Flick, Bayern Munich have seriously transformed. The team is once again tearing up wings, but this time not only thanks to the wingers as it was in the times of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, but thanks to lateral defenders, who come and create numerical advantage.

Whereas everything is smooth in the midfield. Bayern have returned even stronger and muscular after the quarantine and Leon Goretzka became the personification of the team. Nevertheless, there are weak spots in the squad and those are central defenders. Gerome Boateng performs the leading role only because of his age, although he has not been the level of the team long. The second central defender is David Alaba, who is requalified from a left defender. He has made mistakes several times this season, just like Lucas Hernandez. Therefore, Flick’s team doesn’t have a panacea in person of defensive players and all hope is the shoulders of the midfield and hope that they will not let the opponents’ players go too far.

Nevertheless, Bayern confidently took the league title and won the cup of Germany, having secured the thirteenth Golden double as well as the 50th national title. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bayern chairman of the board Karl-Heinz Rummenige speaks positively about the team manager,

“When the team managed to take the double and at the same time continues participating in another tournament, it is just great. In that moment only a big compliment is left to be given to the team. Hansi Flick has once again taken the team to the top level, it was Bayern style football,” said the functionary.

Hansi Flick showed that he is quite a smart specialist. He came to the team, in which Niko Kovac previously failed. Looking at the predecessor’s mistakes, Flick just didn’t repeat them and that helped him win two trophies.

Nevertheless, Bayern cannot be called an ideal mechanism and especially talk about them as a clear contender for the Champions League cup. It is still a month until the UCL and without required gaming practice, the men from Munich will not be able to equally approach the resumption of the tournament. The only question is how quickly will Flick set his men and bring the previous game. So far he has been successful with that when coming out of the quarantine.