Guardiola is confident in UCL for City

Guardiola is confident in UCL for City

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola is confident that his team will be allowed in the Champions League next season.

Clouds over Etihad gathered in the beginning of spring this year, when UEFA made a decision to suspend Manchester City from the European competitions for two years. Apart from that, internal sanctions, like league relegation and stripping off the championship title of 2013/14 season, also threatened the Citizens.

But the internal limitations did not go further than talks, but the decision of the European football body may come true. The final decision will be announced on 13 July , but there is confidence in the club that everything will end extremely positively for the Citizens. Team head coach Pep Guardiola is also sure about that,

“We are ready. I trust people and am very confident that we will be allowed to play in the Champions League, because we want to play in the European competitions.

On 13 July we will find out the decision, which we hope will allow the club, the workers, the players and all employees, try and grow further in the upcoming years,” Guardiola said.

Apart from the expulsion from the European competitions, Manchester City had to pay 30 million euros for violation of the financial fair-play rules. Basically, that is not a problem or the club, but the suspension of the team from the top tournament will entail the departure of leaders and possibly manager.

Back in the beginning of the spring, Manchester City had powerful trumps up their sleeve, as proof that their colleagues from PSG are also dirty. In case of inconsistency of litigation, the Citizens would roll out incriminating evidence against the French club, having created a precedent for the whole football community. But as the notes of confidence are heard at press conferences, it seems that UEFA doesn’t want a war with the European giants and will mitigate the punishment to transfer ban or just a big fine. But we will still see Manchester City in the Champions League, no matter how some English clubs wanted otherwise.