Man Utd aim at UCL

Man Utd aim at UCL

Manchester United fully intend to return to the Champions League next season already.

After the arrival of Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba’s recovery after an injury, the Mancunians’ game has noticeably changed. Not only is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team currently in fifth place and is falling behind the third place by two points, the Red Devils have started to play significantly better. First of all, this concerns the creation and speed in the attack.

It is enough to take for example the fact that in the last five matches Manchester United won with a total difference of 16:3 of scored and conceded, and also wins in the last four matches of the Premier League with a difference of three goals or more. This, by the way, is the Premier League record for crushing victories.

Thanks to the gained pace, it is not surprising that Manchester United claim not only a place in the Champions League, but also bronze medals. At the same time, the inhabitants of Old Trafford intend to compete for the FA Cup and the Europa League, as Paul Pogba admitted, who scored for the first time this season,

“The games we have played over the past few weeks are Manchester United. We must continue to work, there are many things to do.

I was injured for a long time, which is why I focused on how to return. This year we have two goals: to win the Europa League and the FA Cup, so we are focused on this,” the Frenchman said in an interview with Sky Sports.

One cannot but say that Manchester United has all chances for this. They had to play with Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester in the league. In addition to the latter opponents, everyone is at the bottom of the table and practically guaranteed their place in the Premier League for the next season. In the cup they will have a semifinal fight with Chelsea, which will be difficult, since Frank Lampard would like to take the title in the first season with the Blues as a coach.

In any case, the Red Devils have awesome chances and how to take advantage of them is the problem of the team itself and the manager. Players in attack score stably which had not happened since Louis van Gaal times and the defense although makes mistakes sometimes, remains strong even with such goals as the triumph in the European cups.