Conte: Second place is for losers

Conte: Second place is for losers

Inter Milan head coach Antonio Conte made excuses of the team’s unsuccessful play in his style.

At the beginning of the current season, Inter Milan seriously claimed to finally move Juventus from the first spot. Sometimes, the Big Grass Snake really seemed like a more interesting team and those, who deserved such an outcome.

But the time went on, the squad gradually got tired and Conte apart from insane motivation had to rotate the squad, which worsened the quality of the game. However, the points that the Big Grass Snake earned before the quarantine were enough to secure a place in the Champions League for the next season without much difficulty. But now the Milan club cannot boast of the results.

In their last six meetings, Inter defeated only Torino and SPAL, tied with Verona, Roma and Fiorentina, and lost to Bologna. But after each match, Antonio Conte says that in the next game we will not recognize his team. Only few people think that this concerns the negative side. The manager's last pearl was the following words,

“The team harvested less than they sowed this year. The guys know we're not satisfied with this. In addition to achieving a wide lead in the Champions League, it is important to see the team grow beyond the standings.

The second is the first among the losers. I'm not satisfied, second place is pointless,” Conte said after the match with Fiorentina.

But Inter cannot claim the championship even among the losers, according to the coach, because there are confidently fighting modest in finances, but not in the game, Atalanta of Gian Piero Gasperini and Lazio.

Inter need fresh blood for the team. Achraf Hakimi will already be the first, but this is not enough. Alexis Sanchez is silent all season and only at the end, when the conversation comes about his return to Manchester United, begins to give results. Lautaro Martinez's fate has not yet been decided. Therefore, Conte has great difficulties with the team because of so many variables.

I think that in the new season Inter will be able to fight Juventus on equal terms with Atalanta, Lazio, Roma, Milan and Napoli. Only not thanks to, but in spite of. Despite the fact that Juventus are only degrading in terms of playing.