Juventus are champions even without Sarri

Juventus are champions even without Sarri

Juventus Turin became the champions of Italy for the ninth time in a row, bringing Maurizio sari the second title in his managerial career.

This season, Juventus managed to achieve the title thanks to the fact that they were more stable than other teams on the distance. If we look at the Zebras compared to the league leaders of other countries or even at their game in the Champions League, there is no impression of the club’s dominance, as in Bayern, even despite the blurry start of the season.

The reason for that was the arrival of Maurizio Sarri, which previously took the first cup in his career, bringing Chelsea to triumph in the Europa League. But there were no radical and what is more important quality changes at Juventus. The Turinians did not become Sarri’s renewed Napoli or Chelsea, which torn the opponents thanks to their doubled wings. The club management and the presence of authoritative players played its part here.

The similarity of Juventus with Sarri’s previous projects was only in conflicts between the manager and the players. And as it was presumed, the manager as previously tried to smooth the situation out. After the triumph over Sampdoria in the latest round 2:0, Sarri said extremely humbly and with a smile,

“I told them that if you won the title with me and I had never won anything, it means you are actually good. When on the first day I came to the locker-room, I knew that the team has top players. Some time later, I already understood that here are some great players, one can count on,” Sarri said.

Juventus desperately need to change something to show results on the European arena. This season showed that with the bench width and a little more stability, Inter, Lazio and especially Atalanta would give a more serious fight and take the trophy. The team from Bergamo showed the management and investors that with strengthening it’s capable of fighting with top teams and still hasn’t said it’s final word, advancing to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Bianconeri simply tread water compared to progressing Atalanta and Lazio. For Pjanic, it is his last season in Juve jersey and if Jorginho doesn’t come to Turin, then one should not expect too much progress in the game.