Roy Keane: Lampard worked better than Soskjaer

Roy Keane: Lampard worked better than Soskjaer

Manchester United legendary halfback Roy Keane evaluated work of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and frank Lampard.

Unlike Solskjaer, who has been heading Manchester United since December 2018 and has already spent around 200 million euros on squad strengthening, it is the first season on high level for Frank Lampard.

Thanks to rational approach and circumstances of the transfer ban, the Blues managed to occupy a place in the top four strongest, thus securing themselves participation in the Champions League next season. But even without confidence in the UCL, Chelsea agreed on transfers of Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and by some rumors also Kai Havertz. And that is considering that Lampard took youth to the first squad in the person of James, Tomori, Gilmour, Mount and Abraham.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in comparison of Solskjaer and Lampard, Roy Kean distinguished the manager of the London club,

“I have to say that Frank worked better than Solskjaer. I expected they would play averagely, but Frank actually copes well. This is not baloney, he made important decisions, introduced many young players to the squad. These are good players, they have skill, but they needed opportunity and took advantage of it.

They ended up in the top four and of course if they manage to win the FA Cup, then this will be a great season,” said Keane live on Sky Sports.

In terms of coaching, Frank Lampard achieved the best results in less time. At the same time, it is absolutely clear how Chelsea are building their game and how Lampard helped the London team.

Bruno Fernandes, roughly speaking, pulled out Man Utd in the individual plan, who immediately became an integral part of the invincible team of Solskjaer after the quarantine. By the logic of things, it was the Londoners who should have won the bronze, but the terrible defense and adjustments over the course of the season contributed. But now the Blues can take the FA Cup and inspire fans in such a difficult period.