Klopp: Liverpool are not Chelsea

Klopp: Liverpool are not Chelsea

In an interview to BBC, Jurgen Klopp told what is the difference between Liverpool and London Chelsea in the actions on the transfer market.

The Reds' most recent acquisitions were Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Takumi Minamino, bought in the winter, and Olympiacos defender Kostas Tsimikas. Both transfers cost the Merseysiders around 20 million euros. At the same time, these signings are aimed more at the future than at solving pressing problems.

Liverpool negotiated with Timo Werner and Leipzig for a long time, but at the last moment refused due to the sum of the transfer, giving it to Chelsea. Now negotiations are underway to buy Thiago Alcantara from Bayern, but again the price issue has become the cornerstone.

Against this background, London's Chelsea actively bought in the summer transfer window, gaining players worth 240 million euros. The Blues have secured themselves against FFP violations and are hoping to sign the goalkeeper. The difference between the approaches of the clubs was explained by Jurgen Klopp,

“Liverpool are a different club. We reached the Champions League final two years ago, won it the following year and took the Premier League gold, while remaining the same club. Liverpool cannot change everything overnight and say, "Now we want to act like Chelsea."

We always want to strengthen the squad, but there are different ways. One way is to sign new players, the other is to work together, improve what you are good at and try to eliminate those moments where you are not so good. This is football,” said Klopp.

Liverpool have room to grow. The team has already been well studied by its competitors and with insufficient motivation, Liverpool may even lose to Watford, as it was last season. They need a plan B to catch their opponents off guard if they want to keep fighting both domestically and internationally. And for this, the width of the train and several plans are necessary like air.

The Reds’ line-up is constantly exposed to injuries and recessions in mid-fall and early spring. This is due to the pressure on the players, since the team plays almost all matches with a clip of 15-16 players. At this time, the same Chelsea are more actively using the rotation, having a larger number of quality players. Therefore, Liverpool need a change, but it looks like we will see the same Klopp gang in the coming season, which will need motivation after victories in the Champions League and the Premier League.