Pirlo: Juventus need forward

Pirlo: Juventus need forward

Juventus Turin head coach Andrea Pirlo announced the need to sign a new striker.

This summer, there were many rumors about the future forward for Juventus Turin. It was clear that Gonzalo Higuain would not remain on the team for the next season, and that Luis Suarez was being considered as one of the candidates. In one of the past materials, I compared Edin Dzeko and Luis Suarez, where I singled out the first one as a more stable and promising candidate for this role.

But the Zebras think otherwise and throw all their strength into signing the striker of Barcelona. At the same time, it was widely believed that Moise Kean could return to Juventus on loan from Everton. In any case, one thing remains true – the Old Signora is looking for a forward,

“The team is full of enthusiasm, the guys get used to the new kind of work, they have fun. I need a striker, quickly. But the transfer window will be open for a long time, until early October, we have time to work.

Ronaldo is fine, he showed it today and in the games for Portugal. He moves easily across the field,” Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

I think it was a mistake to sell Moise Kean from Juventus to Everton. The club did not place a proper bet on him, which made the player feel defenseless and he fled from Italy, where he was constantly at the gunpoint of rival fans. Along with rumors about his homosexuality, the club had to show its indifference by all means, but in the end it decided only to get rid of the problem, and not to solve it.

Now Juventus are left without a forward, and if they acquire someone, it will be a short-term substitution, because Suarez is not a boy anymore. We also remember his skirmishes with Ronaldo and Giorgio Chiellini's bite. Morata also cannot be considered a substitute for the future. Therefore, if they try to return Kean, it will be exactly the situation with Paul Pogba. Only in the place of Manchester United will be Juventus themselves.