Lampard responded to Klopp with a head-to-head encounter

Lampard responded to Klopp with a head-to-head encounter

Ahead of the match with Liverpool and Chelsea, Frank Lampard took the word relay from Jurgen Klopp and heated up the interest to the encounter.

Tomorrow Liverpool will face the Blues at Stamford Bridge, and one of them will lose points in the second round of the new Premier League season. According to the bookmaker's stakes, the Merseysiders are considered the favorites of the confrontation, despite the difficult match with Leeds (3.32 at Chelsea against 2.18 at Liverpool).

Despite the 1:3 score, the Pensioners also did not have an easy walk in the first round. Chelsea beat Brighton 1:3 away, even though during the match they played defensively and looked extremely unconvincing in times. With the arrival of Graham Potter, the hosts added pressure and raised the line of defense, which made the Blues often make mistakes. But thanks to the individual qualities of London footballers, which are significantly better, the guests achieved victory.

After this meeting, Lampard justified himself in advance, saying that his team was continuing to build and that it was not worth making premature conclusions. These words can be regarded as a future response at a press conference in the event of an unsuccessful match with Liverpool, since the team has really renewed the roster and it needs time to get used to it.

The Chelsea coach also responded to Klopp's claim that the Blues spent a lot of money in the summer transfer window, fueling more interest in the upcoming fight,

“You can list the Liverpool players - van Dijk, Alisson, Fabinho, Keita, Mane, Salah - great guys whom had to pay a lot for. Liverpool have done this for a long time. What we did was probably related to the ban on transfers. We are trying to fix the situation and improve the team. It's okay, we all know that,” Lampard said.

At the end of last season, a conflict arose between the coaches. The Reds then won 5:3 at Anfield, after which they received the coveted Premier League champions trophy. Lampard later apologized for the inappropriate behavior during the game, but it is unclear how tomorrow's match will end. The forecast for it is already available on our website and you can familiarize yourself with it.