Suarez to continue career at Atletico

Suarez to continue career at Atletico

The striker of Catalan Barcelona may continue playing in La Liga for Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona has tuned in to a generational change over the past year, which is why they were looking for a replacement for Suarez. Previously, the obvious candidate was Mauro Icardi, but due to personal conflicts with Messi, the Argentine could not be expected at Camp Nou. At the same time, Barça are in talks with Lautaro Martinez from Inter. Therefore, the departure of the Uruguayan was to be expected sooner or later.

This is the perfect moment for Atlético to bring El Pistolero into his team. The Mattress Makers have been saying goodbye to Diego Costa for a long time, so they need a new ram-type forward on the edge. Felix is a player of a different profile, like Alvaro Morata. by the way, Juventus are trying to regain the SPaniard and are negotiating with him.

According to Spanish sources, Suarez has already made a two-year deal with Atlético and is trying to bargain money from Barcelona for his departure. The current club of the football player is ready to compensate him for the loss in salary until the end of the current season, until his agreement expires.

In order for this transfer to take place, Atletico must sell Costa, which will unload their payroll by about 8 million euros. Suarez wants to sue Barca for the salary for the remaining year of the contract, which is about 14 million euros.

Having removed all the vicissitudes and personal troubles, the transfer seems extremely profitable and logical for both clubs. Barcelona need a change, and Atlético need such a player. The mattress makers can only fit Edinson Cavani better than Suarez because of their large dimensions. But he has a big drawback, as for an older player - the lack of experience of playing in La Liga and a longer adaptation period. Therefore, the transfer of Suarez to Atlético is the best thing that Diego Simeone can afford now.