Wenger makes amendments to football rules

Wenger makes amendments to football rules

Arsene Wenger, former head coach of London's Arsenal and now head of global football development at FIFA, proposed innovative changes to the rules of football.

The rhetoric of the amendments concerns the shift of the vector towards attacking football. It is difficult to imagine that FIFA would lobby for the interests of a defensive game, as this leads to a decrease in entertainment and fan engagement. From this, Wenger is considering two changes that will affect dynamics and performance,

“We are considering some things. You can allow corners, when serving which the ball goes out of line and then returns to play. This will create new scoring opportunities. You can also add the ability to quickly play a free kick alone.

I would also like to change the throw-in rule after an out. Five minutes before the end of the match, a throw-in should give an advantage, but in fact, in such a situation, the throwing-in team has nine players, and the opponent has 10. According to statistics, in eight out of 10 such situations, the team loses the ball. We need to give the opportunity to kick the ball in our half of the pitch,” the Frenchman offered.

While still the coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger offered to cancel outs, which was due to constant goals against the Gunners, in particular from Stoke City, which were coached by Tony Pulis.

Previously FIFA has already made a number of changes, which we have already mentioned. This applies to violations inside the penalty area (handballs), as well as other changes. I think that Arsene Wenger is used in this case, as the person giving the news feed. FIFA will then follow up on the reactions of football players, coaches and football officials. If the majority welcomes these initiatives, they will be implemented in full or partially.