Premier League denied Liverpool and Manchester United reforms

Premier League denied Liverpool and Manchester United reforms

The most successful clubs in the history of English football, Liverpool and Manchester United, were turned down on an offer to reform domestic tournaments.

American company Fenway Sports Group, which manages Liverpool and partnered with Manchester United, has rolled out proposals for the reform of the Premier League and domestic tournaments. The company proposed to abolish the FA Super Cup and the League Cup. The last tournament can be left but excluding the clubs playing in the European competitions from it.

In the Premier League, clubs have proposed to reduce the number of participants in the top division. Instead of 20 teams, they offer to leave 18, following the example of Bundesliga. At the same time, an economic reform has been developed, according to which the English Football League will receive an advance of 250 million pounds to help during the crisis, as well as an annual contribution of 25% of income to the organization.

Manchester United and Liverpool want to win over the rest of the Premier League's top clubs, including Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and others. But so far out of the league management, only Rick Perry, the head of the Championship, League One and League Two, has supported the clubs' initiatives. The official statement of the Premier League leadership is negative,

“According to the Premier League, a number of individual proposals in the plan released today could have a devastating effect on the English football, and we are disappointed that Rick Perry, the chairman of the English Football League, has provided his official support,” the official website of the Premier League said.

In my opinion, the initiative of these reforms should be encouraged. The top clubs in the Premier League have long struggled with a tough calendar that keeps players from resting properly. In addition to the exhausting Boxing Day, to which everyone is already accustomed, the clubs did not adequately rest after the end of the season, as the new rally had already started. The League Cup and the Nations League take a lot of energy from the players of the top clubs, as they often participate in all tournaments. This leads to the decline in results at the start of the championship in most of the Premier League giants.

It is clear that most of the middle class teams in the Premier League will be against this, since they finally got a chance to compete with the top teams in a long time. Especially if we talk about participation in the League Cup, where matches with representatives of the top 6 always gather spectators at the stadiums. But now this is not relevant, and the federation should seriously consider the proposal of Liverpool and Manchester United.