Platini is not happy with VAR

Platini is not happy with VAR

Former UEFA President and Ballon d'Or winner Michel Platini once again criticizes the video assistant referee system.

Before discussing the words of the ex-functionary, I consider it necessary to bring the news into the right context. Michel Platini, in addition to his football merits to Juventus and the France national team, has repeatedly found himself in the center of corruption scandals. The Frenchman first became the UEFA president in 2007, after which he was re-elected to the post in 2011.

During his tenure, Platini contributed to the holding of the European Championship 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, and also made an incredible contribution to the holding of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. At the end of November 2014, the British press accused Platini of supporting the Russian bid, for which he received a picture of Pablo Picasso as an award.

Platini's third term was not so successful, as it was immediately overshadowed by similar scandals. At first, the functionary was removed from office for 90 days, and then he was interrogated about helping Russia and Qatar in the election of the venue for the World Championships.

However, Platini remained in football, unlike Sepp Blatter, who ran FIFA. He holds the position of advisor to the president of FIFPro and is a frequent critic of innovations from FIFA and UEFA. This time Platini did not forget to remind about the bad influence of VAR on football,

“I still have a negative attitude towards VAR because it is not part of our philosophy in correcting mistakes on the field.

VAR fixed some issues but created other. If you use it to determine an offside position, good. These are difficult moments for referees. But for ordinary violations this is not necessary. This is the work of referees. I wouldn't introduce VAR if I was at FIFA. I would do everything to show that this is a mistake, ”said Platini.

Considering Michel's not infallible past, the idea of the purpose of his unflattering words against the system creeps in. Perhaps he is lobbying for the interests of clubs affected by VAR, and perhaps he is actually raising the issue of the importance of canceling the system.

It seems to me that Platini, like some functionaries, is trying to discredit the video assistant system, which we have seen more than once even in Serie A. There, the referees made illogical decisions, drew the wrong offside lines and compromised VAR as much as possible. Perhaps a guerrilla war is being waged against pure football on the sidelines, which the top leadership needs to suppress. Although it looks somewhat like a conspiracy.