Juventus kill competitors

Juventus kill competitors

Serie A never ceases to amaze with decisions even after refusing to postpone the match between Turinian Juventus and Napoli.

Before the break for the national teams matches in the Nations League, an unpleasant incident occurred in the Italian Serie A. Napoli did not show up for the third round center battle against Juventus due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the decision of the Naples authorities not to let the team out of the region.

The reason for this was that Piotr Zieliński and Elif Elmas fell ill in the camp of Gennaro Gattuso's team. The Neapolitans were ready to fly, letting players with negative test results out on the field, but the local Ministry of Health blocked the team's path to Turin. Juventus, knowing what had happened, followed all the procedures and went to the match, waiting for the opponents for 46 minutes. The situation was even more aggravated by about a thousand fans who came to the stands.

The result of the proceedings was that Napoli were awarded a technical defeat with a score of 0:3, and also one point removed. Thus, the Turinians legally tricked one of the competitors in the fight for the Scudetto.

But despite this, Juventus also have players with the coronavirus, as it became known the other day. At the location of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo's test gave a positive result, and he returned to Turin to undergo self-isolation, so that in case of a negative retest, he could return to the field for the match with Barcelona in the Champions League. In addition to the star Portuguese, the disease was confirmed in Weston McKennie. Because of this, Juventus went into isolation, and players with negative test results can continue training.

The situation looks strange to say the least. Juventus used the legal advantage and retained the necessary three points, despite the bleak start of the season. In addition, the federation passed a sentence to remove one point from Napoli. Of course, the decision will still be reviewed and the Neapolitans will appeal, but this is not the first the fact of inconsistency in Serie A. This gives the impression of painfully close contacts between the club's management and the federation officials. On Saturday already, Juventus will go to Crotone, where they are to meet with a local club of the same name. Let's see how the league management will react to this match, given the circumstances.