Thomas Partey believes in the championship title

Thomas Partey believes in the championship title

New London Arsenal player Thomas Partey talks about the club's goals for the near future.

With the arrival of Mikel Arteta to the coaching bridge, Arsenal began to play with new colors. We discussed the fact that the Spaniard gave the Gunners a simple yet effective vertical game. This brought Arsenal the FA Cup and even a Super Cup win against Liverpool.

Thus, the Gunners won two titles in less than six months, which clearly speaks of the suitability of Arteta for the role of the messiah at Emirates. In the summer, the club had a good transfer campaign. They finally signed the defender Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille, strengthened with Willian, and also bought Thomas Partey for fifty million euros.

Arteta strengthens weak areas in an attempt to give the team progress. Another confirmation of this was the departure of Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi on loan. As for Partey, the Ghanaian spoke about the intentions with which he came to Arsenal, which includes the victory in the Premier League,

“Yes. This is our new goal. This is the goal of the club, this is my goal. Arsenal need to return to their place.

I see that everyone on the team wants to win something, all kinds of trophies. I think that everyone at Arsenal have such a goal, including me,” Partey stated.

Arsenal have won three out of four league games this season, losing only to reigning champions Liverpool. The team scored in all matches, which speaks of the success of Arteta with the realization fix, which was Arsenal's weak zone last season. Players are now taking their chances more seriously. The only exception was the match against Liverpool, where Alexandre Lacazette missed two chances to score.

Partey must strengthen the fist in the center of the field, which will also have a positive effect on defense. If Ghendouzi's departure can be considered a success, since the Frenchman dropped out of Arteta's formation, then Torreira may not be enough. The Uruguayan would have helped the Gunners from the bench, but the main thing for the coach right now is to bring the players' actions to automatism, and then continue the planned development of the team.