Liverpool complained about referees in match with Everton

Liverpool complained about referees in match with Everton

The central match of the fifth round of the Premier League between Liverpool and Everton was overshadowed by a tough fight, injuries, as well as strange referee decisions.

In the first minutes of the Merseyside derby, the Reds opened the score, after which there was a conflict episode in the penalty area of Jordan Pickford. The Everton goalkeeper flew with two feet into Virgil van Dijk, which inflicted a cruciate ligament injury to the defender. The Dutchman was offside and the moment happened after the whistle, so the main referee of the meeting, Michael Oliver, did not call a foul. But Van Dijk did not continue the match and was eliminated for about six months.

The controversial decision also happened in added time in the 93rd minute, when Thiago Alcantara found Sadio Mane in the penalty area. According to the VAR brigade and the same Michael Oliver, the Senegalese was in an offside position. Therefore, the goal after the pass of Mane and the clumsy shot of Jordan Henderson was not counted.

On these two points, Liverpool sent a request to the Premier League to understand the situation, as well as to clarify the decision of the VAR at the time of the canceled winning goal. This was also stated by Jurgen Klopp after the match,

“To be honest, this is getting harder and harder to put up with. I come to the locker room, there are people with a laptop. We are looking at this moment and do not understand why this is an offside position,” said Klopp.

From the point of view of the letter of football law, in the episode with Van Dijk's injury, Michael Oliver made a strange decision, since there was a foul albeit after the whistle. A similar episode was at the end of the meeting, where Richarlison, who flew into Thiago Alcantara, was removed for a similar violation. The Brazilian saw a red card in front of him, although he broke the rules after the referee pointed out the violation that had happened before.

As for the offside episode, the situation is more controversial here. Until now, it is not really known who and what part of the body was closer to the goal. In this case, I recall one of the initiatives of Arsene Wenger, the meaning of which is to create a buffer of several centimeters in favor of the attacking team. Let's remember that before the arbitrators were given recommendations to judge controversial episodes in favor of the attackers. But this time in the VAR room they decided to act differently.