Liverpool and Manchester United do not stop reforms

Liverpool and Manchester United do not stop reforms

English Liverpool and Manchester United are trying to create a European Premier League after failed attempts to reform the English Premier League.

Sky Sports became aware of the initiative coming from England, which immediately noted the involvement of Manchester United and Liverpool in the process. The clubs’ management is negotiating with partners to launch the European Premier League in 2022. The newly-made tournament is planned to be held in the middle of the season under the FIFA banners, and 18 teams will participate at once.

Among the interviewed candidates for participation are the clubs of the top 5 European championships. Among them there was a place for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético, Bayern, Juventus and PSG. Five places are allocated for English clubs, and the question of participation has been discussed with Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City. The British newspaper reported that JP Morgan bank may be the sponsor of the project, and 6 billion euros will be needed to create the league.

Representatives of many football clubs, including ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher, reacted to this information in a negative way. The former defender on Twitter responded to the post by saying, "Oh, screw you." The President of the Spanish La Liga, Javier Tebas, was more restrained and tried to convince the journalist with arguments in favor of the fact that this initiative has no right to exist,

“The authors of this idea, if it really exists, not only show a complete ignorance of the organization and traditions of European and world football, but also a serious ignorance of the markets for audiovisual rights.

A project of this type will cause serious economic harm both to the organizers themselves and to those who invest in it, if investors exist, because they would never have reached the official level. Clandestine projects like this only look good when drafted in a bar at 5 a.m.” Tebas said.

Indeed, the creation of such a league will lead to great financial losses for the leading leagues in Europe. Despite the fact that this tournament will not interfere with the holding of domestic championships, due to the increased interest in the league, the price of TV rights for domestic championships will decrease. This can hit hard on the well-being of the middle peasants and outsiders, who are accustomed to budgeting based on stable profits.

Given the instability of the modern world, such projects seem impossible to me, especially in such a short period of time. At the same time, if clubs really want to create a league under the patronage of FIFA, they will remove UEFA from the chain and thus can make an enemy for themselves. This could entail demarches by clubs in the Champions League and additional continental sanctions that no one needs.