Ozil is out of EPL squad

Ozil is out of EPL squad

London’s Arsenal did not include Mesut Ozil in the list for the current Premier League draw.

Last week, London-based Arsenal excluded Mesut Ozil from the squad for the Premier League, without reasoning. After that, the footballer spoke out to the club's management on social networks with unflattering comments and added that he would continue to train hard despite the lack of playing practice.

At the same time, the German noted the progress of the team during the coaching career of Mikel Arteta. However, then the Spanish manager commented on the exclusion of the midfielder from the squad, calling it his own decision,

“All responsibility lies with me. I am the one who should get the most out of the players. This has nothing to do with his behavior or, as I read, with the reduction in salary costs - this is not true. This is my decision, if anyone wants to blame me, go ahead.

My task, once again, is to make sure that each player shows his best football and helps the team. At the moment, I think I have not succeeded. Sometimes I managed to get Mesut close to his best game, but not this time, so I had to decide to withdraw him from the squad,” said Arteta.

Ozil joined Arsenal from Real Madrid in 2013. In seven years, the player has gone from being a reserve captain and an irreplaceable player in the starting line-up under Arsene Wenger to an objectionable footballer for the coaching staff. For a long time, news about the player's disciplinary problems surfaced in the media, his appearances on the field in the last two seasons were accompanied by permanent inertia that did not give the team any benefit.

At the same time, the player is perhaps the highest paid footballer in the Premier League, which is why Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery had no right to exclude him from the squad. Arteta went, as it seems to me, the right path and showed the football player that the material component in football is not the main one. Yes, the Gunners will waste money on Ozil's salary, but this is better than the fact that he would restructure the team's play with his behavior on the pitch. It is also the worst way to motivate a talented player if he really reconsiders his attitude.