Fans will be at EPL stadiums!

Fans will be at EPL stadiums!

The government of the United Kingdom is preparing to allow football fans into the stands on the Premier League matches.

British football clubs have not received decent funds due to the coronavirus, as they have lost their fans in the stands. As you know, in England, ticket prices for the Premier League matches are on average from £ 50 for the matches of top teams, so the losses for the clubs were significant.

For a long time, the management has been trying to get permission from the authorities to open the stands. Moreover, fans were allowed to attend the Champions League and Europa League matches in 27 countries according to the decision of UEFA, but England tried to minimize the spread of the virus as long as possible.

Now that the second wave is raging across Europe, the British authorities seem to have made concessions. The local government announced the removal of the lockdown from the 2nd of December this year, which means it can open the way for fans to the stadiums before the end of the Champions League group stage.

At the moment, it is known that they want to divide the country into three zones according to the number of fans who can go to the match:

  1. The first zone is the most loyal to football. Up to four thousand spectators will be allowed to attend matches of teams playing in cities related to it.
  2. The second zone will be limited to two thousand people.
  3. In the third zone, with an increased number of patients with the coronavirus, fans will not be allowed into the stands.

Admission to the stadium will only be subject to all norms of behavior in public places. This will include taking a temperature screening before entering the stadium, social distancing in the stands, etc.

As we see it, the decision is absolutely adequate, given the progress in Europe with the fight against the coronavirus. For clubs, it is a breath of fresh air financially, and for teams - emotionally. Moreover, given the scrupulous approach in the top leagues to the observance of the rules, one cannot worry about the health of citizens and the spread of the disease as much as in the post-Soviet countries, where a 30% fullness of the stands is no longer news.