Real’s negotiations with Ramos are suspended

Real’s negotiations with Ramos are suspended

Real Madrid are not inclined to increase Sergio Ramos's salary due to financial difficulties and hope for his goodwill.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos's current contract expires on 30 June 2021. Therefore, the club is trying to prolong the agreement in winter, since in January already it can officially consider proposals from competitors and leave Los Blancos without compensation in the summer.

Ramos is 34 years old and in Real’s place it would be foolish to offer a long-term contract to the player. Therefore, the amount of salary in the contract plays an important role. Nevertheless, the capital club did not pass the financial crisis. Instead of the € 900 million expected at Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid received a third less, which made us think about further plans. At the same time, the Spanish giants did not make expensive purchases in the summer.

The only logical option for Real is that Ramos will meet halfway and agree to reduce his desires. At the same time, the club is ready to offer generous bonuses that somehow compensate for the difference in salary. Last year, Barcelona made a similar knight’s move, although not all players perceived the situation adequately.

Real Madrid hopes that Ramos, as captain, will set an example to other players by his decision. At the same time, he is 34 years old and his career is slowly coming to an end. Yes, he is not an attacker and he does not need to constantly run more than 10 kilometers per match, because the experience of choosing a position is much more important for a defender. But in such situations, it is much easier for the Spaniard to go to work in the MLS, where he will be at his best for another four years, earn money and strengthen the image of one of the clubs, and also create his own personal brand.

The likelihood that the defender will remain at Madrid is extremely high. As we see it, it is more and more dependent on the results of Los Blancos this season and the further work of Zinedine Zidane in the club. The Frenchman will be able to convince Ramos to stay, but if it is beneficial to him and if he sees the prospect of further work at Santiago Bernabeu. Judging by the latest rumors and promises of Florentino Perez, which are not fulfilled with the necessary frequency, Zidane may leave the team. Therefore, it makes little sense for Sergio to stay there at the end of his career.