Guardiola changed his mind regarding retirement

Guardiola changed his mind regarding retirement

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola is no longer going to retire and work until 73, like Roy Hodgson.

The former coach of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the current coach of Manchester City, who has won two Champions League titles, has shared his plans regarding his career. At one of the press conferences, he said that he saw no reason to work until 73, citing the example of Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson. According to the Spaniard, the beauty of his job is that at any moment he can leave and he does not need to be in the game until the last moment.

Nevertheless, before the match with London’s Chelsea Guardiola gave an interview, during which he recanted his words,

“I used to think that I would retire soon, but now my opinion about this has changed. Now I can no longer say when it would be better to end my career. The experience gained allowed us to look at things a little differently. Now, for the first time in the Premier League, I see that one team is capable of losing or winning seven matches in a row, changing one streak to another. The results are unpredictable,” concluded Josep Guardiola.

It seems to me that Pep, like any other coach, wants to leave football as a victor. An example of such an act was Jupp Heynckes, who managed to take the Golden Treble with Bayern at the age of 68. It was after the German that Pep came to the camp of the Reckordmeister, but did not even get close to the results of his predecessor.

Now Manchester City are losing momentum. After dominating the Premier League for several years, the Cityzens took the league title in 18/19 on their last gasp, and then lost it to Liverpool. Now the team does not look like a solid monolith. After the departure of Vincent Company, Pep did not manage to solve the problems with defense, even paying more than 300 million euros to strengthen the team.

The attack also faces difficulties in the form of injuries to Sergio Aguero and poor performance of Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus. The departure from the team of David Silva had a strong impact, and Fernandinho's aging brought problems to the support zone, because Rodri, as it turned out, is a player of a completely different profile.

Last season, City were clearly betting on winning the Champions League. But at the stage of the quarterfinals already the impudent Lyon passed them and put an end to the hopes of the Cityzens. It's very strange that Guardiola was not fired after the 19/20 season, but I think that if things do not go better in this draw, the result will be expulsion from Manchester and the search for another job. But by no means retirement at 50.