Arsenal do not need Isco anymore

Arsenal do not need Isco anymore

Real Madrid midfielder Isco Alarcon is no longer listed in the areas of interest of the London Arsenal.

Arsenal experienced serious difficulties this season in creating chances at the opposite goal, which accordingly affected the team's performance. This can be attributed to the goal drought of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang last fall.

But recently, the results of the Gunners have gone up. The turning point was the match against London Chelsea, which Mikel Arteta's team won 3:1. Then there were victories over Brighton (0:1) and West Brom (0:4). All these matches were the merit of 20-year-old pupil of the club Emile Smith-Rowe. The player took part in 11 matches this season, scoring four goals and making four assists.

This to a greater extent convinced the club's management to abandon the idea of negotiating with Isco. Arteta, who focuses on youth development, as shown by practice with Nketiah and Saka, wants to develop Smith Rowe, seeing in him more progress in the long-run. At the same time, the coach believes that the players are similar in physical data and manner of movement on the pitch.

As for Isco's career, the path at Real Madrid is already closed for him. The player is determined to leave Los Blancos’ camp in the near future, and Sevilla have become the main contender for him. The transfer cost of the Spanish midfielder is estimated at 15-20 million euros, which is extremely beneficial for teams looking to use the services of the 28-year-old playmaker.

We believe that Arteta is doing everything right in this situation. Smith Rowe may be of more use to the club, given the fact that he is a pupil and the colors of red and white are no strangers to him. It is with these guys that the Spanish coach should surround himself at the moment, since there was an opinion that discord begins within the team and opposition to the specialist appears.

The player has proven himself on the Boxing Day and earned a place in the squad. It seems to us that he should be introduced into the line-up gradually so that he does not burn out ahead of time. But Arteta has to deal with this himself, motivating the player. In any case, Arsenal are slowly returning to the ranks and Arsene Wenger's comeback is pushed aside.