Kroos and Zidane got confused in opinions

Kroos and Zidane got confused in opinions

Real Madrid drew 0:0 against Osasuna in the snow, when many players hoped for a postponement due to weather.

A draw with the 19th team from the Spanish Primera did not allow Real Madrid to get ahead of Atlético in the standings, which are one point ahead of them and have three matches in reserve. In addition to the lack of goals due to the weather, the teams had practically no chances. In total, the players of both teams shot 17 times, and the ball flew on target only after three shots.

As a result of the confrontation, Toni Kroos and Zinedine Zidane disagreed with each other. While the French coach complained about the quality of the pitch and the need to cancel the match because the conditions were unsuitable, the German objected and declared Real Madrid's poor performance,

“We created very few chances. With our skill, we had to create more even on such a difficult pitch. We knew that they would defend themselves like that. The condition of the lawn is not an excuse, both teams played on it.

The substitutions were supposed to make the game stronger, but not much had changed that time. We cannot be happy with the result. We have to fight for the first place, a draw is a bad helper,” Marca quotes Kroos.

With these words, the midfielder indirectly went over Zidane's inability to respond to the game, mentioning poor-quality substitutions. In this regard, it will be interesting to see what Zidane will do with Kroos in the next Super Cup matches with Athletic and Alcoyano in Copa del Rey.

As for me, the German had every right to express his opinion, which he did. On the other hand, the coach had to convey his rhetoric to the players immediately after the game and hint at what to say in the interview. If we see the midfielder in the next matches, it will mean that everything is in order and there is no conflict. And even if there was one, it was possible to settle it so as not to rock the unstable boat of Real Madrid results. But if Kroos does not get playing time, this will mean taking the fight out of the hut and someone will have to leave.