Mourinho hopes to sign Militao

Mourinho hopes to sign Militao

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho intends to sign Eder Militao from Real Madrid.

Tottenham intend to claim the league title this season. Although so far, hopes are not particularly justified by the style of play and the fact that the team has been performing unstably lately. In the last matches, the Spurs tied with Crystal Palace (1:1), lost to Liverpool (2:1) and Leicester (0:2), after which they beat Leeds in the Premier League (3:0) and drew with Wolverhampton (1:1).

One of the reasons for the instability is the lack of quality center-backs. Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez are on the roster of the London club. It is due to the experienced Belgian that Sanchez is gaining stability, but this is not enough not only for the fight for the championship title, but also for a place in the top four.

Therefore, Mourinho insists on buying Eder Militao, which fell out of the radar of Real Madrid a little. The 22-year-old needs playing time, which the Spanish capital club is not ready to provide. During this season, he played in only two league matches, and also once entered the pitch in the cup and European Cup matches.

Real Madrid seem to have decided that the link of young defenders Militao - Varane does not lead to success, and it will take a long time to play it together with Ramos. Therefore, the most adequate option for Los Blancos is to sell the player before he drops in price. Real are ready to part with the Brazilian for 25 million pounds, which is quite a loyal sum for Tottenham. Yes, and they have experience of negotiations with Real Madrid, because before that they loaned Reguilon and Bale.

Thus, Tottenham can get the 22-year-old promising defender into the defensive line. In conjunction with the experienced Alderweireld and in rotation with Sanchez, it will be easier for the Spurs to set goals for the season, gain points with their defensive and counterattacking style of Jose Mourinho’s play.