Milan look for strengthening in person of Tomori and Mandzukic

Milan look for strengthening in person of Tomori and Mandzukic

Italian Milan intend to strengthen the line of attack and defense in the fight for the championship title, trying to break the hegemony of Juventus.

But the club ran into personnel difficulties. In addition to the injuries of Saelemaekers, Rebić, Krunic, Gabbia and Bennasser, Zlatan Ibrahimovic only recently returned to the pitch. Milan do not have enough bench width to fight for the championship title, which has been written about on our website more than once. Now Rossoneri have come to this point and are going to deal with transfers.

The Milanese intend to take a man with experience of performing in Serie A to the line of attack, Mario Mandzukic. The Croat managed to play in Germany, Spain, and spent most of his career at Juventus, after which he left to work in Qatar. Now Mandzukic is a free agent and, if necessary, can help Milan swing at Scudetto. We can hardly understand Pioli's intentions to play offensively with 34-year-old Mandzukic and 39-year-old Ibrahimovic. But he obviously won't spoil the situation, he will be able to wrestle in the penalty area.

The situation with the possible loan of Fikayo Tomori from Chelsea is no longer clear to us. Milan are considering the 23-year-old defender as a half-year safety net with a possible buyout for € 30 million. While negotiations are underway on the cost of compensation, it seems that the trick is in the bag. There are obviously more pitfalls in this transfer than in Mandzukic's transfer. Firstly, it is an adaptation that a 23-year-old English guy in Italy will have with great difficulty and in six months he is unlikely to have time to assimilate. Secondly, it is his inexperience. If Tomori failed to gain a foothold in Lampard’s young team a year ago, then what could go differently in Milan?

Rossoneri began to look for options for strengthening in time, but their candidates for this role look strange. If Mandzukic can still help Milan due to the absence of Ibra on the pitch or together with him to ram the defense on free kicks, then Tomori raises big questions. The Englishman, not even with the most optimistic forecasts, will not play in a new league in six months, with a new language, game pattern and lack of experience. Veteran Thiago Silva would be much more suitable for Milan, but not Tomori.