Eriksen will be back only with Alli’s departure

Eriksen will be back only with Alli’s departure

Inter halfback Christian Eriksen may return to Tottenham only if Dele Alli moves to PSG.

Christian Eriksen hasn't played at an acceptable level for over a year now. The Dane ceased to be included in the starting line-up of Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino, after which he left for Inter, where he also did not gain a foothold and now occasionally appears on the pitch as a substitute.

After a failed trip to Milan, Christian wants to try his luck by working with Jose Mourinho at his former club. The player hopes that the Spurs will loan him before the end of the season with the option of subsequent purchase. But the club, known for its reverent attitude towards money, is not going to spend money just like that.

According to one of the main football insiders of our time, Fabrizio Romano, Eriksen will return to Tottenham only if Dele Alli moves to PSG. Former Spurs coach Mauricio Pochettino has high hopes for the English midfielder, as he used to fit perfectly into his squad. Under Mourinho, Alli has lost his stable place on the pitch and takes on the role of Eriksen at Inter.

The Milan club agrees to let the Danish midfielder go on loan only if Spurs take over his entire salary and pay them extra for Eriksen's loan before the end of the current season. It is logical that the president of Tottenham, Daniel Levy, wants to do castling with the ex-player of the London club, only taking into account the receipt of dividends from Dele Alli's departure to Paris Saint-Germain.

As for me, Dele Alli should go to Paris and work with Pochettino, who made him a good Premier League player who made it to the Champions League final. As for Eriksen, I'm not sure that he will get back in shape with Mourinho. The manner of coaching the Portuguese always presupposes the presence of coalition and opposition in the club. Given the character of the Dane, it seems to me that he will fall out of favor with the Special One and spend the rest of the season in oblivion.