Real are looking for a replacement for Jovic

Real are looking for a replacement for Jovic

Real Madrid are considering candidates on the edge of attack to replace Luka Jovic, who moved on loan to Eintracht.

A year and a half ago, Real Madrid signed the Serbian striker Luka Jovic. This was an odd move on the part of the club, given that the striker had one solid season in which he took Eintracht to the Europa League semi-finals. But Los Blancos believed in the 21-year-old's ability.

For a year and a half, the transfer was not justified. With the arrival of Zidane, Karim Benzema began to play stably in the starting line-up, for whom Real did not find a replacement. The coach's goal was to get the game back on track as soon as possible, and he brought back what he had in winning three Champions Leagues in a row. Jovic, on the other hand, scored only two goals in 21 matches over the past year and a half.

But as soon as the striker went on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt, he made a brace in pair with Andre Silva in the first fight. Thus, the Serb confirmed the hypothesis that the 4-3-3 formation is not suitable for him, and paired with another striker, he flourishes and is able to make a difference on the pitch. Even Zinedine Zidane spoke about Jovic's success in a recent interview,

It's difficult at Real Madrid, I experienced it as a player. I think buying Luka was a good option. I am happy for him and hope that he will do the same one day in Madrid. However, things are different outside and inside the club.

He has a future and he can show it at Real Madrid. All on an equal footing. There is always a very strong competition at Real Madrid, but this is not the coach's fault,” Zidane said.

Now Real Madrid have to find a replacement for Jovic, since only Karim Benzema and Mariano Diaz are listed in the club's application. According to the Spanish newspaper AS, the names of Sergio Aguero, Arcadiusz Milik, Olivier Giroud and Raul de Tomas appear on the short list of scouts. Aguero played for Atlético in Spain, so if he has no bias, the Argentine will be able to help Los Blancos. But taking into account Kuhn's injuries lately, I would not have pinned high hopes on him in the place of Real.

Milik is a budget option for Real and an opportunity for the Pole to try to play at the top level. It is not clear what shape he is in, since we have not seen him since the summer, so the risk is huge. Giroud is a very strange and cheap option to be used as a plug. If Real hope to lure Mbappe or Haland in the summer, then the transfer is quite possible. And the transfer of de Tomas, as for me, would be a very beautiful story, since the guy went through the whole school of Real Madrid, but never played a single match for the main team. Now he defends the colors of Espanyol, but the club is unlikely to count on him seriously and he deserves more.

Therefore, let's see what path Real will take in the near future, if he does make an attempt to buy a forward to replace Jovic. The transfer will tell a lot about the future goals of the club.