FIFA and UEFA objection against Super League

FIFA and UEFA objection against Super League

The European Commission got involved in the debate over the creation of the Super League for the giants and harshly criticized it.

Rumors about the creation of the Super League as an alternative to the Champions League have been scurrying around the Internet for the past two years. The purpose of creating such a tournament was to increase the involvement of spectators, since only the giants of the top five European championships would perform there, which would receive more substantial dividends in monetary terms.

First of all, the Super League project would completely destroy UEFA, since the Champions League, Europa League and the new Conference League would be useless. Secondly, all the money earned from the sale of TV rights and tickets would go to the clubs participating in the tournament. They would directly manage the entire process, and not receive pitiful, by the standards of the giants, pennies for participating in the Champions League or reaching the playoffs.

UEFA has supported FIFA in this matter, and recently the European Commission has joined them. The vice-president of the organization, Margaritis Schinas, said,

“There is no reason for a select few to distort the universal and diverse nature of European football. The European way of life is incompatible with the fact that football is intended only for the rich and powerful,” the functionary said.

Recently, FIFA together with all continental confederations issued an official statement in which they announced the non-recognition of the Super League, if it was created. At the same time, the way to all competitions under the auspices of FIFA and local confederations (continental championships, World Championships, etc.) would be closed for the players participating in the tournament.

On the one hand, the Super League is a very interesting phenomenon in the future. It would be interesting to see a tournament in which only the big clubs compete without the participation of passer-byes, which Midtjylland, Olympiacos, Marseille or Rennes were this season. On the other hand, it would destroy the rest of the European club competitions due to lack of interest in them. Accordingly, mid-level and weak-level clubs would not receive additional funding. And without it, some clubs can no longer exist, especially in times of financial instability during the quarantine.